Afternoon Iced Coffee

So as I just posted, I had a very yummy weekend brunch. One item didn’t quite make it to the table–the second pot of organic Guatemalan coffee. Oops!

Well, I certainly didn’t want to waste the coffee but with the beautiful spring weather I didn’t really feel like hot coffee. So I figured I’d try making Iced Coffee. Now I read last summer about how complicated it is to make Iced Coffee properly with enough coffee flavor. Thus, I was quite pleased with how delicious my Iced Coffee was with 1% organic milk, Truvia, ice, warm to cool coffee, and almond extract for flavoring as desired.

Now for the coffee, I always use a burr grinder to freshly grind the beans without burning them like a blade grinder can do. I use a 10-cup Capresso coffee maker, using 10 to 12 Tbsp./scoops of ground beans.

For the Iced Coffee, I took a 16 oz. glass, filled it with ice, then added 1% organic milk, coffee, Truvia, and 1/4 tsp. almond extract. The ratio of milk to coffee depends on your tastes–I think I used a 50/50 ratio. Be careful with Truvia because it doesn’t dissolve well in cold temperatures. You may want to use another sweetener.

Well, here’s to many more warm days and Iced Coffees ahead!