A Tour of Europe in Six Wines

I hosted “A Tour of Europe” wine tasting last night for 29 people. I was on a natural endorphin high til 3 a.m.! We had Cava from Spain, German Riesling, White Bordeaux from France, Red Bordeaux from France, Primitivo from the boot of Italy, and a Ruby Port from Portugal! I presented all the wines, answered questions, and showed wine maps to those interested! What a great night!

A Tour of Europe in Six Wines

Here’s the wine menu for the evening:

A Tour of Europe in Six Wines

Sparkling wine, Spain

Cava, Brut Rosé, Segura Viudas, Spain, NV
A beautiful, pink bubbly with balanced fruit and acidity. Pairs well with most food. $9, 11.5% ABV

Light body, off-dry white, Germany

Zeppelinwine Riesling, Max Ferd. Richter, Mosel, Germany, 2009
A fruity and spicy wine with apple, pear, citrus, and floral notes. The crisp acidity and residual sugar helps it pair with most lighter foods including slightly spicy ones. $14, 9.5% ABV

Medium body dry white, France

Bordeaux, Chateau La Roche Saint Jean, Appellation Bordeaux Controlée, France, 2010
100% Sauvignon Blanc. Dry and crisp with grapefruit notes and a long finish. Pair with goat cheese, salad, fish, and a hot summer day. $10, 13% ABV

Medium body dry red, France

Bordeaux, Chateau des Léotins, Appellation Bordeaux Controlée, France, 2009
Blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot. Easy drinking entry level Bordeaux. Pair with cheddar cheese, steak or enjoy on its own. $9, 13.5% ABV

Full body dry red, Italy

Terragnolo Primitivo, Apollonio, IGT Salento Rosso, Italy, 2004
Related to Zinfandel, this Primitivo has rich, ripe fruit and will pair beautifully with hot Italian sausage, red sauce, cheeses, and other hearty foods. $18, 14.5% ABV

Sweet dessert wine, Portugal

Ruby Port, Honor, DO Douro and Porto, Portugal, NV
Fortified dessert wine with residual sugar, lots of ripe fruit, and a long finish. Best paired with dark chocolate and rich chocolate desserts.  $22, 19.5% ABV